Apple aims for 2019 shipping date for potential electric car

Originally published at Daily News Autos on Sept. 22, 2015.

Apple is moving forward with plans to produce an electric car, targeting a shipping date of 2019 and declaring it a “committed project,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

The tech giant has spent more than a year looking into the possibilities surrounding an Apple-branded car, investigating all the way down to meetings with California government officials.

Wall Street Journal sources are also reporting that the endeavor, code-named Titan, is moving forward with a tripling of the 600-person team tasked with the Apple car.

Among those being brought into the fold are driverless car experts but it is said they do not plan on their initial offering featuring that technology though it factors into their long-term plans.

Additional focus being put toward this idea shows Apple’s belief that it has an opportunity to become a factor in the auto industry. The thought process is bolstered by their prior advances in developing and improving iPhones with technology in sectors such as batteries, sensors and hardware-software integration.

To Apple a ship date can mean anything from consumers receiving the product to engineers signing off on the design but nonetheless this will be a big story not only for Apple but the entire automotive industry.

The company that took over cell phones before inventing tablets entering the auto space will surely have reverberations that are widespread and it will be interesting to see how they manifest themselves.

Will Apple go in on the endeavor on their own with little to no experience or facilities to build cars or will they pair with a manufacturing partner or even an established automaker? Whichever route Apple takes, it is all but certain they will shake up the industry.

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