The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival will spotlight the genre’s legacy as well as some of its rising stars

Originally published at the New York Daily News on July 8, 2014

The last 30 years of the Big Apple’s relationship with rap will be embodied this week in Brooklyn.

Staten Island rapper Raekwon, a member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, will headline the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and help give voice to the city’s storied legacy as the birthplace of a genre.

Bedford-Stuyvesant product CJ Fly will also take the stage to represent the contemporary crop of prominent New York-based emcees. The Pro Era rapper attributes much of his identity and lyrical prowess to his native city.

“When I travel, I’m always proud to say I’m from New York,” said CJ.

The West Coast and notably, the South, have produced some of the past decade’s most prominent tracks, and Jay Electronica, of the famed New Orleans-based Magnolia Project, will be in town to represent his region.

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