Baby T-rex thrills visitors at Brooklyn Bridge Park in preview of ‘Walking with Dinosaurs,’ coming to Barclays Center

Originally published at the New York Daily News on July 13, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge Park just for a few minutes last week turned into Jurassic Park.

The Daily News and a few parkgoers got a sneak peek of the “Walking with Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular,” which runs from Wednesday to July 20 at Barclays Center. The star of the preview was a baby Tyrannosaurus rex.

“Wow, look, it’s a dinosaur!” a little girl hollered.

The baby T-rex cost about $250,000 to make and requires one person to operate. Its larger dino cousins take three humans to operate and stand as high as three stories.

The best-selling arena show last went on tour from 2007 to 2010.

Its last visit to the Big Apple was for a Madison Square Garden run in 2010.

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